Little Clever Tool for Converting more Gallery Visitors into Customers

Inhouse gallery application is a smartphone application that serves as a tool that increases the sales of painting. This application also serves as the best application in marketing artistic paints. If you are an art gallery manager or an artist who wants to promote the sales of your paintings, this application is the appropriate antidote to poor sales of paint.

This application comes with an integrated idea to lead the marketing of artistic paints to a new era of massive sales. Inhouse gallery is built to solve the problem of poor sales of art works by shooting the purchase of art designs to its greatest peak.

Ever since its introduction of Inhouse Gallery app, it has greatly increased the rate at which painting sold. When it comes to promoting the sales of artistic work, Inhouse Gallery application has maintained its stand to be second best to none other application either mobile application, web application or PC software application. It is the perfect mobile application for art lovers all around the globe. It is highly recommended for everyone to know and to feel the beauty of art in whatsoever location they are.

Inhouse gallery takes up the role of a middle man between a customer and an artist. The artist will upload a snapshot of his or her paintings to Inhouse gallery application while the customers using Inhouse gallery mobile application will input the name of their artist to enable them to find all the painting made by their artist. They can also search for other paintings from another artist. By this means, it makes the customer to easily know the paintings that perfectly satisfy their taste.

Using this mobile application also improve customer – artist relationship. It keeps art lovers updated on the current paintings that are available. When an artist has a new painting, and upload it to Inhouse Gallery, his customers will be able to see the new painting made by the artist.

How to use Inhouse Gallery (Artist’s View)

Inhouse gallery is an easy to use mobile application. With the following guidelines, an artist will be able to successfully make use of Inhouse Gallery application without.

  1. Register here This registration process is very easy and short. The registration takes less than 5 minutes to complete and it requires you to identify as an artist.
  2. Upload your Finished Paintings: After registration, you can take snapshot of your completed paintings and upload it to Inhouse Gallery so that your customer can have access to your finished art works.
  3. Introduce the Inhouse Gallery App to your gallery exhibition visitors and give them the Inhouse Gallery flyer to show them how to download "inhouse gallery" free APP from Google Play store.
  4. Have your customers "ready to buy" next time they visit. Also, inform them about new arrivals so that you can increase the sales of your paintings.

How to use Inhouse Gallery (Customer’s View)

For every customer using Inhouse Gallery to find the perfect painting for the empty walls in your home, below are step by step guide to making use of Inhouse gallery.

  1. Scan the QR code available at the back of the flyer giving to you. This QR Code will lead you to the app in google play store so that you can download the app on your mobile device. OR Search for in google play store to download the app on your device.
  2. Register here This registration process is very easy and short. The registration takes less than 5 minutes to complete and it requires you to identify as a customer.
  3. Use the camera feature in the app to take a snapshot of your empty wall where you want to place the painting.
  4. Input the name of the artist you want to buy from to see all the painting in the artist gallery.
  5. Hang and slide all the paintings on the wall of your home or office to find the paint that perfectly fit your wall
  6. Head back to the art gallery and buy the perfect painting.

Features of Inhouse Gallery

Inhouse gallery was launch on 3rd July 2016 and was developed by Biskvit. The current version of is 1.0 and it presently runs on Android Operating System (OS). This application can run on Android 4.1 and above. The file size is 7.05mb.

The main features of this application are:

  1. Camera: This camera is used to take the snapshot of the wall or location where artistic paints can be placed.
  2. Name field: The name field allows the customer to enter the name of the artist they want to buy painting from
  3. Paint Hanger: This is the hanger that views the paintings that are associated with an artist.
  4. Paint Slider: The paint slider helps you to slide through all the paint so that you can visualize how the painting will look like on your wall.

Another amazing thing about Inhouse Gallery is the transparent business card and QR code. Thinking of what a transparent business card looks like? Get a business card and find out. This card contains the details of the artist and a sample of his painting. Behind the sample painting is the QR code which is one of the coolest thing about Inhouse Gallery. This QR code works as perfect as every other QR code, a scan of this QR code will lead you straight to app in google play store so that you can download the application. is an evolutional smartphone app that every artist must have to promote their daily sales. In short, inhouse gallery can also be referred to as a mini gallery for an artist, because it is a place where your customers can view all your painting without traveling down to your art gallery.

Hi, this is my first blog post here.

14 Aug 2017



23 Jun 2016

Test 2

Hi, this is my first blog post here.

21 Jun 2016

Test post

Hi, this is my first blog post here.

21 Jun 2016

First painting sold

First painting sold thru Inhouse gallery is
Blowing bubbles - oil and acrylics on canvas, 70/70cm

Congratilations Monika


21 Jun 2016